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Wainwright's Masterbuilt chain conveyors have become the foundation of many automated assembly systems because of their function and versatility.

Often referred to as bi-planer conveyors, chain conveyors are used for their ability to move materials with ease. As the 'masters of materials movement', our engineers can devise a chain conveyor of any type, speed and size.

Unlike other wholesalers, we manufacture our own systems and parts. With over 30 years' designing and manufacturing experience, Wainwright has become trusted for quality, low cost systems. We can incorporate a variety of sensor systems and caterpillar, sprocket or pneumatic drive units for differing power controls.

Wainwright engineers high quality, low cost, overhead and floor mounted chain conveyors for heavy, medium and light duties for companies including:

  • Auto manufacturers
  • Abattoirs and meat packers
  • Powder coating manufacturers
  • White goods suppliers
  • Food distributors
  • Furniture makers
  • Industrial laundries
  • Textile makers


Wainwright understands the importance of quality material handling and movement, which is why we provide customised chain conveyors to save your business time, labour and expense. Our team can customise chain conveyors to specific lengths, widths, heights and speeds and with multi-directional movement to maximise material handling efficiency.

Multi-Directional Design

Wainwright's Masterbuilt chain conveyors allow for multi-directional movement. Unlike traditional conveyors, a chain system permits horizontal as well as vertical changes of direction.

Aside from its flexibility, chain conveyors have many benefits for businesses. These include:

  • Adaptability - objects of any size and those that are usually difficult to handle can be easily moved up, down, in and around.
  • Versatility - applications for a number of industries.
  • Direct travel - products can be easily and efficiently placed and transported directly.
  • Multiple use - can be used in conjunction with powered roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors.
  • Low cost - efficient design eliminates complicated, expensive and fast wearing roller turns, traction wheels and other parts. Standardisation and simplicity of component parts, together with complete production tooling, results in actual savings and lower costs for customers.
  • Longevity - systems manufactured years ago are still in service and still run to the highest standards.

Other Efficient Materials Handling Solutions

In addition to chain conveyors, Wainwright offers belt, flexible, powered roller and gravity conveyors. Each system we engineer is innovative, reliable and cost-effective. Our experienced team also provides general engineering and machine services, LPG products and traditional water guns.

To find out how Wainwright can help your business, call 1300 780 044 or enquire online.